What you'll need to do

Here we list some things that we will need you to do to help us minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission when attending for an aesthetics appointment.  Completing the pre-appointment wellness screening checklist shortly before your appointment will help confirm that you do not have symptoms suggestive of Covid-19. If you do, we will postpone your appointment. It will also help us understand more about your medical background so that we can tailor our advice about whether aesthetic treatments are appropriate at this time.

  • Prior to your appointment you will be invited to complete a pre-appointment wellness screening checklist.  To view the check list in advance click here.

  • If it is deemed safe and appropriate for you to attend for a treatment, you will be asked to observe the following guidance:

    • Attend unaccompanied;

    • Wash or sanitise your hands upon entering the premises using the facility provided;

    • Limit the personal possessions with which you attend;

    • Limit the wearing of jewellery and makeup;

    • Wear appropriate PPE during treatment;

    • Wash or sanitise your hands after treatment using the facility provided;

    • Observe the 2m distancing rules except when undergoing treatment. 

  • You will be asked to read and, if in agreement, sign a pre-treatment consent form regarding the potential impact of Covid-19 in relation to treatment. To read the consent form in advance of your appointment click here.