• Dr Debbie Lashbrooke

Botox - all or nothing?

There is, thank goodness, an increasing understanding of the results which can be achieved using Botulinum toxin. Unfortunately, due to media influence, there has been a widespread misconception that it is an ‘all or nothing’ treatment - either choose your wrinkles or opt for a frozen shiny forehead. As with all drugs, the results of a treatment will depend entirely on the dose administered. Women are now understanding that a few units here or there can soften deep crevices without resulting in a loss of ability to use muscles of facial expression. As with everything in life moderation is the key. We are used to considering this when applying makeup so why not use the same principles for aesthetics? At Islington Studio Rutland the objectives are to refresh whilst retaining a completely natural look. We want to get you looking less tired or cross whilst still being able to show the world those all-important emotions!

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