What we're doing

As a working GP, Dr Debbie Lashbrooke has comprehensive working knowledge of the medical risks of Covid-19. In order to keep our clients safe during this Covid-19 pandemic, Islington Studio Rutland have undertaken a risk assessment and implemented changes to our practice to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission associated with aesthetic treatments such as wrinkle smoothing (often known as botox or filler). We recognise that some of these changes may make the appointment a little inconvenient. However, keeping our clients and staff safe and well is our primary concern during these challenging times and we hope our clients will understand the need to implement these actions which are, of course, also required in accordance with government guidance. The changes to our practice are:

  • Prior to appointments clients will be invited to complete a pre-appointment wellness screening checklist.  To view the check list in advance click here.

  • If it is deemed safe and appropriate for the client to attend for a treatment, they will be asked to observe the following guidance:

    • Attend unaccompanied;

    • Wash or sanitise their hands upon entering the premises;

    • Limit the personal possessions with which they attend;

    • Limit the wearing of jewellery and makeup;

    • Wear appropriate PPE during treatment;

    • Wash or sanitise their hands after treatment;

    • Observe the 2m distancing rules except when undergoing treatment. 

  • Clients will be asked to read and, if in agreement, sign a pre-treatment consent form regarding the potential impact of Covid-19 in relation to their treatment. To read the consent form in advance of your appointment click here. 

  • Face to face appointments will be kept to the minimum length that is safely required.

  • The patient contact areas and touch points will be thoroughly cleaned between patients in accordance with the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) guidance.

  • Appointment times will be staggered to allow adequate time for thorough cleaning of patient contact areas.

  • A maximum of three clients will be seen per day to allow increased time for cleaning between appointments.

  • Appropriate PPE will be used by the practitioner in accordance with JCCP and Public Health England (PHE guidance.

  • Treatment with dermal filler will be suspended in light of the increases risk of hypersensitivity reactions in the presence of viral infection.